Create kick-ass carousel posts to grow faster

What is a social media carousel?

A carousel is an interactive content format on social networks that allows you to share multiple images, videos, or slides within a single, scrollable post. It's a way to tell a story or share a sequence of ideas in a captivating style.

What is Carousel Hero, and how does it work?

Carousel Hero is your creative companion for crafting impactful social media carousels for free without sign-up. Click any slide to change its content, or select the plus sign to add new slides. When ready, click "Export carousel" and follow the instructions to download and publish your carousel on your social networks.

Why should you use carousels?

Carousel posts simplify complex information, enhance engagement with higher interaction rates, and thus enjoy priority in algorithms, leading to a wider reach. Additionally, their visual nature boosts brand awareness and recognition, making them a powerful tool for strengthening your online presence.

Is Carousel Hero really free to use?

Yes, our carousel generator is 100% completely free to use. Enjoy the full range of features and create stunning carousels for social media without any cost. If you find this tool helpful, please share the website with your colleagues and network. This helps to keep the website free for everyone.