Create TikTok carousels that stop the scroll

What is a TikTok carousel?

TikTok carousels are a dynamic way to share a collection of content in a single post. This feature provides content creators and marketers with a powerful tool to tell stories, deliver in-depth information, and highlight various aspects of a subject matter while keeping their audience engaged. In the world of short-form video, TikTok carousels offer a unique opportunity to engage viewers and increase your visibility on the platform.

What is Carousel Hero, and how can you use it?

Carousel Hero is a free online tool made for creating text-based TikTok carousel posts. Instead of dealing with complex design tools, Carousel Hero makes it easy for you to quickly make multi-slide posts that stand out on TikTok. Here's how to use it:

  1. Pick a template or begin with a blank canvas.
  2. Tap on a slide to edit its content.
  3. Add text styles such as titles and lists to structure your content.
  4. Personalize the look by using the design menu options.
  5. Choose "Export carousel" to download and save your TikTok carousel.

How to share your carousel on TikTok

Once you've created your content, open your TikTok mobile app and tap the "+" symbol at the bottom. Tap on "Upload" and activate "Select multiple" in the lower-left corner. Select all carousel slides in the grid view and confirm with "Next". Add a sound, apply other effects, and click "Next". Enter details such as a caption, and click "Post" to publish your TikTok carousel. Check out these instructions for a detailed walkthrough with screenshots.

Benefits of using TikTok carousels

Discover how carousels can supercharge your TikTok game with these advantages:

  1. Enhanced engagement - TikTok carousels keep viewers swiping through your content, increasing interaction and time spent on your posts.

  2. Unplanned profile access - As users swipe through your TikTok carousel on their home feed, reaching the end smoothly opens your profile. This can pique their curiosity and lead them to discover more of your content, turning casual viewers into potential followers.

  3. Effective branding - With TikTok carousels, you can maintain a consistent and eye-catching branding style. This visual cohesion not only captures viewers' attention but also reinforces your brand identity, making it more memorable and recognizable.